Getting started

Because education will be a main theme on this site, I want to begin with a connection to the opening quote on the home page. My return to formal education, brought me to ProfessorĀ  Catherine Turner’s English class where she introduced us to the work of such perceptive writers as Annie Dillard andĀ Scott Russell Sanders. Reading Dillard’s essay “Sight into Insight” and Sander’s essay “Listening to Owls” taught me new ways to observe and listen. As Dillard observes in her essay “The secret of seeing, then, is a pearl of great price.” Sanders concludes his essay with the thought: “We can’t hear the earth sing above all the racket our species makes. Listening to owls is a remedy for such deafness.” Sitting on my front porch serenaded by the owls, I realized how important it is to be open to new ways of seeing, and hope that this new-to-me medium will open a dialogue into insights on reading and education.