Cooldood Series

GFAA “Desire” Exhibit: Best In Show

Desire (Mixed media, framed 10″h x 12″w) SOLD

Whales in the woods (Mixed media, framed 18″h x 22″w) 1,100.00
Lest you think I’m weirder than usual, there is a story behind this painting that lends reason to my madness. When my daughter was about 6 or 7 years old she and her friend went out in the woods behind our house in the country outside of Bloomington, IN. They came running back all excited and Sascha breathlessly exclaimed that they’d found whales in the woods.
My mind may have been in an alternative state, but even then I knew that there probably weren’t whales in the woods. Still, they insisted that they’d seen whales in the woods. Exasperated she enlightened me with an explanation in her newly acquired southern Indiana hillbilly drawl: ya know, like the way-el that we get our water from! We didn’t have running water at the time and did haul out water up in buckets from a well. And from that time on the image of whales in the woods has stuck in my head. So, okay, maybe I am weirder than usual. But that’s not unusual.

Creatures Series

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