Weird News

As I consider a job search during during a time when many are out of work due to the pandemic, I realize that some jobs that I might have considered have been phased out gradually over time, but I can see areas where a resurgence of qualified workers would be beneficial in today’s society.

While some of these jobs are clearly not a good fit for one reason or another, it never hurts to look outside the box. Although in this case it can hurt to look inside the box. Haha, too late! Pandora’s out of the metaphor bag.

Unfortunately I no longer meet the qualifications to be a Vestal Virgin. And this is one of the few careers in which women are empowered to crash the glass ceiling.

Prostitutes and Rent boys may be more of a fit for those with specialized backgrounds, but this oldest of professions is being taken over by boys and men seeking to find a lucrative living.

While a career as an Armpit Plucker may seem rather tedious, getting paid to inflict pain on willing participants could be gratifying.

The career of Stercorarius has usually been held by rich, white politicians and corporate executives who have long held the keys to the title of Manure Entrepreneur.

Two careers that are needed to meet a growing need are: Dream Incubator and Curse Tablet Maker.
This last is crying out for well-qualified applicants and the talents of people with experience will be highly sought after.

If all else fails I can turn to the age-old tasks for women, cooking, homemaking and drudgery.

A simple update of my resume could lead to a fulfilling 2nd, 3rd, 17th career.