New Book News

It has been a joy to write my story and have the opportunity to share with readers the logic that informed my crazy, chaotic life during the era of great bands, music and lively concerts such as the famed 3 days of the Woodstock Festival. I missed it. The 1960s and 70s were an ongoing festival as the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll continued unabated.

Life has a way of moving along despite ourselves and I am no exception. The 80s brought insights and changes that I couldn’t have imagined and as the century changed, I discovered myself on a different path. Along the twists and turns, recollections from the past remained part of my experience and the melding of the old and new years provided me the memories and insight to put together into a book. Readers can now enter my world, a world that existed both in the middle and on the edge of an incredible era in history.

Too High to Go to Woodstock: Reflections on my life and times is now available as an eBook through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.