Things That Piss Me Off

I pondered the title for this new category, which in nicer publications is often called “Pet Peeves.”
This seems wimpy and common and doesn’t really fit my attitude. I considered “Things I hate” but
this seemed too strong. Hate fits some situations but takes a lot more energy than most deserve.
I thought about just using “Assholes” but “Things that piss me off” is more inclusive. Humans are
not the only things that piss me off. Other life forms, stupid rules, and inanimate objects
are just a few of the offenders. No doubt this will be a large category.

Staying home for the last year has kept my encounters with assholes in traffic to a minimum, but when I do venture out it seems as if the assholes are even more assholey. Driving is a major category for pissed-offedness, so I will start with the assholes who get in a left turn lane and slow way down causing everyone to miss the arrow!