Why Indeed!

Stupid Excerpt (from page 29 of Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart)

I question why the focus of education in the United States has shifted
from trust in a teacher’s education and knowledge to the trust that
standardized testing is the most effective way, apparently the only way, to
determine student success. That this has become the determining factor in
evaluating student progress, teacher effectiveness and school standards is a
troubling trend.

The current public education model is based on unfounded assumptions.
Assertions from national and state authorities that testing is an essential,
proven means to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to acquire
knowledge and reach skill goals that are uniform in all American schools are
not supported by observational data. According to the 2000 U.S. Census
Bureau’s statistics on education, the maps of the country “reveal broad
geographic differences in educational attainment and high school enrollment
patterns nationwide.”

The belief that American students and schools are, or can become,
superior to the educational quality of students and schools from other
nations is laughable and unrealistic. Those who make educational policies
and set the criteria for educational standards continue to ignore the input
and concerns of those who do the real work on the front lines, so to speak, of
trying to teach kids within a broken system. Empirically, the arguments of
those who promote the benefits of testing lack confirmation by any
demonstrable gains in the educational achievements of students in the
United States.

Administrators from the U.S. Department of Education to the
educational departments of the states, including Florida, are hood-winked by
questionable unsubstantiated, often manipulated, statistical evidence.
Politicians, Lobbyists, and CEOs of testing companies have very little
knowledge of the problems associated with testing, nor do they have any
interaction with those who are most directly affected by tests.

Stupid update

Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart is now out for public consumption. Available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and through Black Rose Writing.
Maybe I’m stupided out, so today I will go with Stupid-lite: A few quotes on the state of stupid, a few examples of local stupid, and a National Stupid thrown in a well. Check out the Cool Quote category!

On Roadside sign: “Garaje Sale”
In classified legal ad: “Failure to pay will result in a lion recorded against your property”


I surprise myself by posting more than a couple times in as many weeks. Whether I can continue through the year at this accelerated rate is left to be seen. Still, I plan to stay on top of it. However my best laid plans are often laid out and trampled upon.
Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart is set for its release date of February 7th, 2019, and a box of my copies arrived on Friday! They do look smart and I’m not feeling too stupid. This week the task is to continue my unabashed promotion of this “Stupid” book. I just need to get smart about making contact with any contacts I can think to contact.
While I wander around Gainesville, Florida, America and the World at least on a circular track in my mind, I can simultaneously email a few local contacts who will; hopefully, extend a more realistic circle outward. This coming from someone who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. Oh, yeah, I don’t chew gum: a very big pet peeve of mine and I won’t even mention pickles. A Pet Peeve Category is in the works.

What is Stupid?

Stupid Praise:

Back from Too High to Go to Woodstock: Reflections on my life and times, Sarah E. McIntosh in Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart once again reveals her intellect, wit, and directness. This time she takes on the world of standardized testing. Listing dozens of examples of “stupid” phrases written by well-intended (though, apparently, under-educated students), McIntosh substantiates the point that standardized testing has done more damage than good in educating America’s children. Teachers, administrators, and parents will whole-heartedly relate.
Valerie. M. D’Ortona, Big T’s Heart’s in Me!

Almost Stupid

The last “Stupid” proof just went back to the Publisher. Well, to clarify, the last proof for my book Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart just went back to Black Rose Writing and is on track for its publication date: February 7th, 2019!

Planning for promotions will take up some of the intervening time and even more time after it is released. In the meantime, I’m plotting other books, or more accurately other books are plotting themselves in my head. I’m leaving my brain out of it for now.

As the self-professed Bad Blogger, I have been slightly more diligent with posts in 2018. So, I figured I’d better get one more post in before the year runs out. Hope springs eternal and I hope that next year will see the addition of a new post every month or better yet every week. It’s not quite a lie if my intentions are good…or…hmmm?

My Gallery of Weird Art is growing exponentially and strangely so check out the Art category as I hope-there’s that word again-to display more and more more often.