Born in Middlebury, Vermont, Sarah grew up in South Bend, Indiana and dropped out of Central High School in her sophomore year. Her early roots in a family of educators with a focus on science and literature led Sarah to choose a route to alternative educational options. With a path of learning based on mind-altering lessons, she found her calling as a quality control expert in the alternative pharmaceutical market though that experience did not translate to success in product distribution.

After 20+ years of experimental education, Sarah’s journey in educational options led  to a more traditional school experience where she earned her GED, an AA degree (actually two though one is anonymous) and eventually a BA and MA, both in English, from the University of Florida.

A less-than-lucrative job as an adjunct professor of English gave Sarah a degree of insight into some of the educational policies in Florida that have or have not been as successful in the 20 years she spent as a college instructor. Sarah left her low paying position to take-up a non-paying position as a writer, having written about her personal educational experience and having a few things to say about the failure of the educational system in general. In addition to writing for love, not money, Sarah volunteers as a Guardian Ad Litem and has experience with other non-paid positions as a long time volunteer member of the City of Archer Codes Enforcement Board.

Graduating from the Rebellious State of the 1960’s and rediscovering state of rebelliousness in her 60’s, and sustained, in part, by her ongoing interest in music, art,  and literature, Sarah has made a slight shift from rebelliousness to activism. Along with being active in writing about education, she will also write about her personal and life-long struggle with clinical depression and her observations about the mental health system, or lack thereof. Hopefully when more people speak up, the stigma will disappear.

A mother of three adult children, Sascha, Dylan and Tyler, and a growing tribe of grandchildren, Sarah, still a Hoosier at heart, lives in Archer, Florida with two Welsh Corgis: Mojo and Mac, and four cats: Stella Blue, Nimbus, Sweet Jane and Corinna.

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