Dreams? Dream on.

“Writter”: When I am a famous writter, I might learn how to spell righter.

I anxiously await this budding author’s bestseller! My definition of “Writter” is meant to be funny.
What isn’t funny is the idea that most students who spell this way, truly believe that they will be successful in their dream job. We can only hope not.

More dream jobs, or jobs student’s dream they can do, to come. Dream on, students, Dream on!

I anxiously await my own bestseller – Yes, I am a dreamer!

I also recollect some of my dreams from childhood, the hopes, the anticipations, the goals. I do know that one of my goals in 3rd grade did not include passing the FSA. While substitute teaching in a 3rd grade class a few weeks ago, I looked at the display of artwork that decorated the lists of goals these 7-8 yr. olds wanted to accomplish in 3rd grade. There must have been goals like learning how to read better or maybe learning about dinosaurs, but if there were, they were overshadowed by the main goal on every single paper: Pass the FSA.

Really! This is on the forefront of every 3rd grader’s mind? These kids can barely tie their own shoes, have not learned how to tell time on an analogue clock (they won’t need to), and have the attention span of a goldfish, and all they can think about is passing a damn test! What about snakes and bugs and ships and cowboys and Indians? Oh…not on the test probably.

Where did all the dreams go? Not dreamland-at least the one in my dreams. This is a fuckin’ nightmare!