The working title for my first book was “High”, and the working title for my second book was “Stupid”.
Run together they are High Stupid. Well, then…Hi stupid! I suppose a waving emoji would work here.
Of course calling people who you hope will read your website stupid is not particularly endearing.

The expanded title of “Stupid” is Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart.

“My life started out as a baby”
“It would be a stepping stone on the way to heaven”
“Hoping to even get my bachelors degree in teacher”

All these are real quotes from real students. Really!

These are just a few of the examples that are scattered through my book.
Is it the students who are stupid? Is it the schools that are stupid?
The premise of my “Stupid” book is that standardized tests are a contributing factor to Stupid, schools or students.
There are a lot of books about testing. Some are about the benefits, some about the drawbacks. Arguments both for and against standardized testing are battled out in words.

Some readers or other authors may think I just add more stupid. Some may even think I’m stupid.
What my “Stupid” book adds to the other books about education and standardized testing is the reality of the type of work students are doing. All the talk and discussions about the pros and cons of education in the United States isn’t going to change the reality of what students are learning or not learning.

Once the examples in Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart are seen, they cannot be unseen.
Stupid is Scary!