Hope in writing

Writing and the hope for publication is not an easy process, particularly the latter, so bear with me, if you will, while I revel in a rare bit of self-promotion and puffing-uppedness.
Referencing “Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards”, the judge who reviewed Too High to Go to Woodstock: Reflections on my life and times, commented:
Candid and revealing in its painstaking recollection of a life marked by drugs, sex and depression this memoir captures a succession of turbulent and trouble filled days and nights. The stigma of mental illness, odd relationships, and slipping into being a drug dealer as well as an addict all convey the downward drift of the author’s life as she plods through her early family days and growing up, some random jobs, school, pregnancy, divorce, life as a hippie in a commune, and ultimately becoming a teacher. One can easily appreciate the many little epiphanies that spark the often vivid pages as she witnesses herself with brutal honesty. The first person writing is unstinting in self-description, which isn’t particularly favorable.
This judge adds “Photos embellish the frank text. A roster of national help organizations with toll-free numbers and other key information provides an excellent resource.”
Needless to say, I was very pleased with such a positive review. Thus, inspired to continue with more writing projects, I will move into writing those ideas that have been lurking in the back, or at least somewhere, in this thing that might be called a mind.