Stupid Schools, Stupid Students: Get Smart is the title of my book that will come out in February ’19. It is an all-too-true first-hand account of my experiences as an English Professor at a community college. The decline in the academic abilities of students began a rapid downhill slide as students, subject to the onslaught of standardized testing, started filtering into college-level classes. It’s a great book based on a very topical topic, yet it’s sad, sad but true.
Glad to see that 2017 is running out of time, though it may be premature to expect much more in 2018. Though my thoughts and forecasts for the future: mine or mankind’s, is rather dreary, I start with the final sendoff to the ’17 Christmas season with a copy of my personally created Christmas card. The message is accompanied by a couple of my old doodles that I discovered as I went through old papers. The consummate doodler that I am, I’ve decided to add a new category to this site that will display some of these doodles, with commentary. Labeled simply “Art”, this category will also contain what I refer to as Moodia. Both old and new doodles will be mixed in with an occasional acrylic painting, a newly discovered medium. This combination can be referred to as mixed-media, one that allows for a visual representation of my moods. “Art” is contained within quotation marks, so it is clear that I in no way want to denigrate the talents of those serious artists who can call their art Art.
As I say in every newly added post, I will be better at keeping up with my website, a continuing resolution which is really a big Lie! Nevertheless, I really do have good intentions.