Emerging from the cave of laziness and despair, I attempt to add a long overdue update. Head in hands, I contemplate what to say-anything-but…what? At times, such as this week, I take on the role of the dregs of the earth. Noting that that is quite a substantial role for one person to claim, I begrudgingly will offer to share this duty with anyone who will jump on the stage. For as Shakespeare writes in “As You Like It”,
All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;

Like it or not. I wonder whether I am in the process of exiting or entrancing when I move from one role, one stage to another. Or, am I moving at all? Maybe it’s all one long act. Whether it is or isn’t, the fact is, if the Bard’s words can be taken literally, we’re all stuck with one another. Anyone who is reading this has chosen to be part of my act, but you can exit at any time. I’m fuckin’ stuck here. Well, maybe not. I, too, can choose to exit but then I couldn’t soliloquize as I can here. This is all bullshit. Yet that I can still read and write offers at least a degree of hope.

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